Plumber Relocation from Australian to USA Esta Visa Waiver Application Requirements

If you are an Australian or New Zealand Plumber and want to go to America without a USA Visa, then you should know that your country is approved for the Visa Waiver Program. In that regards, you will have to apply for the ESTA USA Visa. While this might sound like you are getting a short-term Visa, it actually is a waiver as is indicated by the name VWP. The countries that are approved for this program and their citizens are allowed to apply for this and go to America for up to 90 days on business or for personal purposes. You can start your relocation process by checking what are the best opportunities for you as a plumber in USA.

The typical process of applying for an actual visa to go to America can typically take a year or more and require substantially more qualifications in order to get an approval for one of the several types of visas that can be applied for. But with the US VISA Waiver Program anyone who lives in and is a citizen of one of the 38 countries approved for this program can apply and within a fairly short period of time can be approved to go to the US for up to 90 days with only a passport.


As of 2009, this program doesn’t allow you to go using a basic passport. Instead, you have to use something called an E-Passport for it, which has a Digital chip that can be read by a special monitor and the chip contains all of the personal information that is required with this type of passport. It means that the person who is the bearer of this passport will have all of the required personal information about them on this special chip. Then Homeland Security can read that chip quickly and easily with a special monitor.

This type of passport has a very special symbol on the front cover of the passport and that allows it to be quickly identified as an e-passport. This passport is considered part of the advanced security that is now required by Homeland Security because of the attacks on 9/11 in America.

Australian Plumbers Must Be Approved By ESTA Before They Travel

It is unfortunate that some Australian Plumbers will wait until the very last minute before applying for the waiver program. It is not a USA visa so it won’t take nearly as long but you still must do it with enough time for the approval process to be completed before you need to make your travel plans. In most cases, the application for ESTA through an online agency will be good for up to 2 years so there is no reason not to apply early. All candidates including Australian citizen(s) and others should apply as early as possible to avoid delays. If you want to make the most out of your relocation as au Aussie plumber, then make sure you apply for ESTA Visa Application in time.