Why Timber Decking Sanding And Polishing Isn’t An Option, It’s A Necessity!

Is beautiful timber decking part of your outdoor space? Do you love to relax during the summer months, enjoying a barbecue with family or friends on your attractive decking area? Indeed, not only does timber decking add significant value to your home, it also provides a great place to relax, entertain and have fun.

Of course, like pretty much everything in our home, timber decking certainly does not look after itself, it has maintenance needs and we need to make sure that we are meeting them. Unlike your home interior which is usually protected from the outdoor elements, your timber decking has to brave everything that comes its way. Unfortunately, this can mean that, unless we provide our decking with the necessary TLC, it can soon start to look a whole lot worse for wear.

So how can you care for your timber decking? Are there any tips or tricks that keep it looking great for longer? Indeed, there are and they come in two simple words; sanding and polishing! Let’s take a look at these two necessities in more detail.

Sanding Your Timber Decking

This is an essential part of protecting your timber decking, especially if it surrounds a pool or spa, although all decking can benefit from sanding. On a regular basis your decking should be analyzed to see whether parts, or all, of the decking are in need of sanding. Remember, your timber decking gets a lot of abuse. For example, do you not use cleaning products on it? Does it not get a lot of foot traffic? Not to forget all of the weather conditions that it bears each and every day!

Polishing Your Timber Decking

Can you remember how impressive your timber decking looked when it first went down? That’s because it was still benefiting from its initial polishing. Ensuring that the polishing needs of your timber decking are cared for on a regular basis may even have friends and family thinking that you have just replaced your decking!

Indeed, it is more than clear that sanding and polishing are vital elements to caring for your timber decking. However, one question still remains. Should you take care of the sanding and polishing needs of the timber decking yourself or should you enlist the services of a specialist to carry out the task?

The answer to this question will much depend on how much experience you have within the field. If, in your profession or spare time, you are involved in wood work or wood care on a regular basis, you may be able to successfully care for this maintenance need yourself.

However, if this doesn’t sound like you, there may be every need to call for a professional. Deck Sanding Brisbane | Deck finishes that Last – Floor will be able to regularly assess the condition of your decking and provide the necessary sanding an polishing to keep it in tip top shape. That means that all you need to do is enjoy your outdoor space!